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PostSubject: DIRECTIONS TO TESCO'S BRADLEY STOKE BS32 8EF   Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:58 pm

A few people are getting confused with all the roundabouts etc around Bradley Stoke when trying to find our starting gate at Tesco's.I will endeavour to give some type of directions..........
If coming from the north ie Aztec roundabout on the A38.
Pretend you have come off the M5 and are heading south down the A38 towards Filton.On the big roundabout turn left keep in the right hand lane to the lights through the light to next roundabout .Straight over into Bradley Stoke Way.Big Tesco on right 1/2 mile.If on bike slip across the dual carriageway in front of Giant bike shop ride along the edge of Tesco to the big sign that says Subway etc by the cash machines.If in a car go to roundabout turn right to next roundabout turn right follow road round into car park head right towards TESCO SUBWAY SIGN.
If you are coming from the otherway you need to be on the Winterbourne/Stoke Gifford road B4057.If you are coming from Hambrook traffic lights best way is up to lights from the M32.Turn /filter left towards Winterbourne on the lights down little dip up other side, as road goes sharp right go straight on.follow this road over the motorway to the end.this is the B4057.(right is Winterbourne left is Stoke Gifford)Turn left at the 't' junction up to the roundabout turn right Bradley Stoke Way. straight over two roundabouts on the third turn left, up to roundabout (pub on right)turn right, keep following road into tesco carpark.Look for subway sign that's where we meet.If on bike go over roundabout then slip into the bus lane entrance around Giant bike shop keep going straight to little precinct by Subway sign.(I hope I get something for all this subway advertising).

.My memory must be going .I can't remember asking or your opinion!
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